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    Need MySQL Assignment Help ? Get MySQL Homework Help Online

    Are you an engineering student pursuing programming and databases in your curriculum and looking for the best MySQL assignment help services? Then, your search for the assignment help service ends here. We have a set of professional and skilled programming experts to deliver MySQL assignment solutions across the academic levels. Our pool of experts delivers well-commented, executable SQL codes helping you to secure A+ grades. We are the most trusted MySQL homework help provider for assignments with very short deadlines. So, email us your assignment now and get the solutions delivered in your inbox well before the deadlines!


    What is MySQL? Why Students Need MySQL Assignments & Homework?

    MySQL is an open-source database tool that is very important for every programming framework to handle all kinds of database-related tasks. This database tool allows the development of different databases and the use of them in various programming languages. Basically, MySQL is a backed programming tool that makes massive databases and stores huge chunks of information that is gathered by the software.

    Today's students are asked to create small real-time applications to demonstrate their learnings on different programming topics. MySQL assignments and homework are no exceptions to these. If you want to save hassle for yourself, seek professional MySQL assignment help from us.

    MySQL (My Structured Query Language) was first developed in the year 1994 by experts named - Michael Widenius and David Axmark. MySQL was later taken over by Sun Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle. The database server is open source and is also called a relational Database Management system (RDBMS). This will be run on the server that gives you access to various users who are using other databases like Oracle and Sybase.

    MySQL is used along with the PHP scripts to run server-end applications. MySQL server is used to handle critical tasks. Moreover, this is used in web applications and also as a key component in Linux, Apple, MySQL, and Python. This is also used in developing various websites. In MySQL, data is presented in the form of spreadsheets. The key commands i.e. INSERT and UPDATE convert the unreadable text into readable ones. One can fetch the required information using the SELECT and JOIN commands.

    Data extraction and representation using SQL can be challenging and cumbersome. So, creating queries and executing various programs can be difficult for students, and therefore can seek the help of experts. Our developers use their knowledge and experience to handle all issues. If you have any difficulty in understanding any of the MySQL concepts, just email your queries to us and you will get the instant MySQL assignment help. Master all such concepts in MySQL from our dedicated programming assignment help experts.


    The Key Features of MySQL Used in Completing MySQL Assignments

    MySQL has key distinguishing features and applications. Some of those are:

    • Secure data: This is a highly reliable and secure database management system that is widely used in WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Joomla, etc. The data security offered by this tool is highly beneficial for a business, especially e-commerce businesses. 
    • Highly scalable: This offers high scalability that allows you to store data in huge warehouses. On-demand scalability is the key feature that is offered by MySQL. This will allow e-commerce businesses to customize their applications with the database server requirements.
    • Excellent performance: The framework of MySQL allows the system administrators to configure the database server with MySQL to give excellent performance. MySQL is designed in a way that assures high performance by using unique memory caches.
    • High Uptime: MySQL offers round-the-clock uptime and different solutions like cluster servers and master or slave replication configuration.
    • Client/Server architecture: This tool is a client/server system. This database server has many application programs running to communicate with the server effectively. The client can either run on the same computer or use another computer. However, all the databases that are available are client/server systems.
    • SQL compatible: MySQL is compatible with database language, i.e. SQL. This language is used to query and update data in the database besides carrying out administrative tasks. MySQL can be made compatible with different database systems like Oracle and IBM DB/2.
    • Stored procedures: SQL code that is written will be saved in the database system. Stored procedures help to shrink a few steps like inserting and deleting a record from the database. Stored Procedures help to administer massive database projects. If you are finding it difficult or can not invest time in this topic, then seek our affordable MySQL Assignment Help. 
    • Triggers: Triggers are the commands in SQL that will be executed automatically by the server to carry out a few database activities like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Students who are distressed in handling the MYSQL assignment can approach our experts without hesitation. Our MySQL homework Help programmers use their in-depth knowledge on the subject to deliver superior-quality outcomes

    If you need support in solving MySQL assignments that you are not able to finish due to exams, you can take the help of our MySQL Assignment Help programmers who are just a click away.


    Why Do Students Ask Us? - Do MySQL Assignment

    We are offering exceptional quality MySQL homework Help to students who are pursuing their computer science and yearning to improve their scores. No matter whether you are grappling to install MySQL on your system or code anything in MySQL, you can get in touch with our experts. We have been delivering world-class MySQL database and programming solutions. 

    MySQL database is important for every student to learn since all the programming languages like Java, PHP, C# will be using this database tool to store the data. There are many challenges that are encountered by the students while doing the tasks. If you feel that you are left in the middle of the ocean and need an expert's assistance, submit your assignment and get the best online MySQL project help.


    Why to Choose Our MySQL Assignment Help?

    With our professionalism, we have gained the trust of students across the globle. Some of key features are: 

    • Experienced programmers: Our MySQL expert programmers hold a Master’ Degree from reputed institutions. We ensure that the solutions prepared by us are well commented and easy to understand. 
    • On-time delivery: We understand the importance of submitting the task on time. If you choose us, we make sure to deliver the assignment before the given time frame.
    • 100% original and unique: After completion of the assignment, we use plagiarism tools to check for duplicity. We ensure that students receive 100% original and authentic paper.
    • Reasonable charges: We do not dent the pockets of students. Our pricing structure is very much affordable. 

    MySQL Assignment Help Topics

    Database Design and SQL Query Structure of XML Data
    Procedural Extensions Authorizations in SQL
    Structured Types and Inheritance in SQL Relational Databases
    Relational Model SQL and Advanced SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL
    Transaction Controls MySQL Databases
    Querying MySQL MySQL Table Types
    Configuring MySQL Optimizing MySQL
    SQL Injection MySQL Connection


    MySQL Assignment Solution Example

    Question 1: Create a new table to track the Library location.

    LIBRARY (lib_id, lib_name,  lib_address, lib_city, lib_state, lib_zip)  
    LIB_ID is the primary key and should be numeric.
    LIB_NAME, LIB_ADDRESS, and LIB_CITY  is between 1 and 35 characters. – These should not be null.
    LIB_STATE is 2 characters – default to TX.
    LIB_ZIP is 5 numbers.  Check for one of the following zip codes – 75081, 75080, 75082, 75079, 75078
    LIB_STATE VARCHAR(2) default 'TX',

    Question 2: Insert the following records into the LIBRARY table 1000, JFK Library, 800 West Campbell Road, Richardson, 75080 1001, MLK Library, 105 King Blvd., Richardson, TX, 75081 1002, Hoover Library, 932 Arapaho St., Richardson, TX, 75080

    SQL Statement
    insert into LIBRARY (LIB_ID, LIB_NAME, LIB_ADDRESS, LIB_CITY, LIB_ZIP) values (1000, 'JFK Library', 
    '800 West Campbell Road', 'Richardson',75080);
    insert into LIBRARY values (1001, 'MLK Library', '105 King Blvd.', 'Richardson', 'TX', 75081);
    insert into LIBRARY values (1002, 'Hoover Library', '932 Arapaho St.', 'Richardson', 'TX', 75080);

    Question 3: Write a query that will display all the Books that were published in 2016. Display the book year, book title, book subject, author last name, and author first. Sort the records by book subject and then by book title

    SQL Statement
    select CONCAT(CONCAT(Concat(b.book_title,'('),b.book_year),')') "Book Title",b.BOOK_SUBJECT,CONCAT(CONCAT(a.au_LName,' '),
    a.au_Fname) "Author Name" from BOOK b,Writesw,
    Author a where b.book_num=w.Book_num and w.au_id=a.au_id and b.book_year=2016 order by book_subject,book_title;

    Question 4: Which books have been checked out more than 7 times? Show the book title, book num and number of times checked out. Order by times checked out in descending order.

    SQL Statement
    order by COUNT(CHECKOUT.CHECK_NUM) desc ;

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