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    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Assignment Help

    Are you looking for help to write an ERP assignment? Then, you must seek help from our professionals who have ample experience and knowledge required for scoring excellent grades in ERP assignments. Our Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help service is one of the most sought-after services. Many students find it challenging to complete ERP coursework and hence seek help to enhance their knowledge, understand the ERP concepts, and complete the coursework. If you are one of the students who want to ask our expert to – “Do my ERP Assignment”, then you have reached the right place. We provide the most affordable ERP homework help service.

    Our experts can complete the assignments on short notice and can ensure correct solutions. Before we deep dive into the ERP Assignment Help service, let us briefly read about the concepts.


    What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

    Enterprise Resource Planning consists of modules that are used by companies to integrate and maintain their business operations. There is ERP software available in the market. ERP is in massive demand in the manufacturing and service industry. When different modules such as finance, supply chain, human resources, inventory, purchase, and sales and marketing are integrated, it helps everyone in the company to have access to the data. Based on this data, the company can decide how much material is required to meet the demand, how many people to hire to finish the work, how much money you have spent on manufacturing the product, and how much profit you are reaping with ease.

    What are the different modules of ERP systems available?

    ERP system is used by small to large organizations. It helps the company to manage the business processes of various departments using a single application. It is used for making the decisions offered by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). A few of the modules on which the ERP help is offered to the students include:

    • Human Resource Module

    The module will help the HR team to manage all the human resources operations in the best way. This module allows you to track the employee records, especially the job description, performance reviews, skills, job description, designation, time, and attendance, besides managing the employee details. The most critical module of ERP is the payroll system. This helps you to prepare the payment reports manage the salary of the employees, such as expenses, and track the reimbursement.

    • Inventory Module

    The module will let you track the stock items along with the serial numbers that are unique. The module will help you track the items that are flowing in the company. There are a few modules in the inventory, such as master units, inventory control, stock utilization, and many more. If you have hard disks for the office, it becomes easier for you to track how many hard disks are installed, where they are installed, and how many disks are left with ease. This module is integrated into the purchase module of ERP.

    • Sales and Marketing module

    The sales process would include sales inquiry, drafting of the quotation, accepting the sales orders, preparing the sales invoice, and shipment of material. You can also track the pending shipment order with ease. It is easier for one to track sales in the ERP application. CRM module in the ERP application will help you learn about future opportunities and track prospective customers. If you are loaded with other assignments and do not have enough time to write the assignment on this module, you can get in touch with our ERP experts. They are well-acquainted with various topics in this module to write a flawless assignment.

    • Purchase Module

    The purchase module will track everything from acquiring the raw material to the manufacturing of the product, i.e., the procuring phase to the pay phase to the suppliers. There are different functionalities that are involved in this module such as linking items, sending quotations to the vendors, receiving the quotations from the vendor, listing suppliers or vendors, creating the purchase order, tracking the items that are purchased, issuing the receipt note, and generating various reports. This module is integrated into ERP. If you do not understand any of the functionality that is given to you as an assignment by the professor without a second thought, you can get in touch with our experts. They have extensive industry experience and academic experience to write the assignment according to the requirements.

    • Finance and Accounting module

    When you buy something or sell something, there will be a continuous flow of funds. These can be tracked in the finance module. The finance module will have a ledger, balance sheet, bank statements, tax management, payment receipts, and so on. It is easier for you to track the financial reporting in the ERP. The financial data must be handy for the companies to make an informed business decision. You can look into the ERP application to access the real-time financial data of your company. It has a track of everything that you are spending and that you are getting from the customers.

    • CRM Module

    This module is also integrated with the ERP application. It helps to boost the sales that you get for the business and offer better service to the customers. The best thing about this module is that it helps you to maintain a good relationship with customers. This module would have various functionalities such as calls, meetings, communication history, details of the purchases that are done by the customer, and so on. This module is integrated with the sales module of the application. If you do not have enough knowledge of any of the functionalities in this module, you can get in touch with our experts. They are ready to offer help and write the assignment that is worth scoring flying grades in the final assessment.

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