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    If you are doing a computer science course or degree in any of the colleges, you will have an operating system as a subject. Many students find it challenging to complete tasks related to operating systems and seek the help of experts. We have a team of Operating systems homework help programmers who have enough knowledge in working on OS tasks efficiently and help you secure flying grades in the examination. No matter whether the operating system topic is related to processor scheduling or computer security our team will help you in completing the task flawlessly.

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    What is the operating system?

    The operating system plays a vital role as an intermediary between users and the hardware components of a system. It is a fundamental necessity to have an operating system installed to enable the execution of programs on the system. Applications like MS Office, games, web browsers, and others require a functional environment to run and carry out their tasks effectively. The operating system enables users to communicate with the system without the need to use the complex language computers understand. In essence, it is impossible to utilize a computer or any  mobile device without an underlying operating system. 

    Our online Operating systems homework help experts will help you complete the OS tasks even after receiving the task from students at the eleventh hour. 

    Types of operating systems

    Different types of OS systems include:

    Batch operating systems
    There are a few system processes that take a lot of time to execute. To enhance efficiency, similar jobs are grouped together and executed concurrently in this type of operating system. Users of such an operating system won't have direct interaction with the system. Instead, they perform tasks on offline devices such as punch cards and subsequently submit the data to a computer operator for processing.

    Multi-tasking operating system
    The multi-tasking operating system is also known as a time-sharing operating system as every task will be taking some time so that all the tasks can be completed with high efficiency. The system allows multiple users to access and every user will get the time to interact with the CPU as they get for the single system. The tasks can be performed by a single user or multiple users. The time given to execute each task is known as quantum. Once the task is executed within the given time span, the system will move to another task.

    Network operating system
    A network operating system will be running on the server and would be helpful in managing all kinds of networking tasks. It allows you to share different files, printers, applications, security and networking tasks over the small group of systems known as LAN or another private network. The best thing about this type of network OS is that every user in the network will be aware of the configurations that the other user will have in the network, thus making this OS tightly coupled.

    Distributed operating system
    The distributed operating system has many computers connected with the help of one communication channel. The systems will have their memory unit as well as the CPU unit coupled loosely. This operating system handles various sizes of processing and a wide range of functions. Its primary advantage lies in enabling users to access files located on other systems connected to the network. Additionally, it provides remote access to systems connected to the same network.

    Some of the popular topics in Operating Systems on which our assignment & homework experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

     Distributed System Structures  Multimedia Systems
     File System Management  Real-Time and Embedded Systems
     Operating System Principles  Security and Protection
     Operating Systems Fundamentals  Real-Time Systems
     TV Operating System
     Scheduling and Dispatch
     Segmentation and Paging
     System Performance Evaluation
     Disk Arm Scheduling
     Threads and Multithreading
     Device Management
     CPU Scheduling Algorithms
     Process Management 
     Security & Protection
     Threads & Multithreading
     Virtual Machines  


    Functions of operating system

    There are different types of functions that are performed by the OS:

    Processor management
    The operating system will help you to manage the processor's work by allocating various tasks and making sure that every process would receive enough time so that the processor would be able to function smoothly.

    Memory management
    The operating system will allocate and remove the allocation of the memory to perform different processes and make sure that the other process does not consume the memory that was allocated to the other process.

    Device management
    It holds a lot of inputs and output devices. OS will have control over the input and output devices. It will get input from the devices to carry out a task and then communicate this response to the device.

    File management
    The operating system will help you to get to learn the details related to the creation, deletion, transfer, duplication and storage of files. It maintains the integrity of data that is stored inside these files which can include the structure of the file directory and avoid unauthorized access.

    There are different techniques that are offered by operating systems to maintain integrity and data confidentiality. It gives protection against unauthorized login and deters intrusion by activating the firewalls and displaying messages when there are security threats.

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    We have enough experience working on operating system homework for students at different levels. A few of the perks that we offer to the students when they avail of our service include:

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