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    Tableau Homework Help | Do my Tableau Homework

    Are you finding it challenging to complete the Tableau homework? Are you spending sleepless nights doing homework? Then, you have landed at the right destination. We have a team of Tableau homework help experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in working on various concepts of Tableau. The experts are well-versed in different data visualization techniques to solve the problems in Tableau. The requirements given by our team will help you secure flying grades in the examination. Every requirement given by the professor is considered by our team to provide you with a solution that is well-structured.

    We offer help with Tableau homework, assignments, and projects. Our Tableau homework help & Tableau Assignment Help experts are available 24/7 to provide online help with Tableau assignments. Our experts provide quality solutions for all Tableau homework with step-by-step explanations.

    Our experts also provide assistance with Tableau projects and tutorials. They are experts in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau server, and all other related concepts. They are well-versed in the features of Tableau and can provide you with the best help possible. They can help you with visualizing data, creating charts and graphs, creating dashboards, connecting to data sources, and more. They are also experienced in creating custom visuals, deploying Tableau on the cloud, and more. They can also help you with understanding complex topics, troubleshooting Tableau issues, and providing you with Tableau best practices.

    What is Tableau? Why Students Should Solve Tableau Homework?

    Tableau is a highly powerful data visualization tool that is widely used in Business intelligence. It will convert the raw data into a format that is easier for you to understand. With tableau, you can present the data in a visual format which is easier for everyone in the company to understand without any hassle. The non-technical users can also create dashboards with ease. You can also perform data analysis using this tool swiftly. Visualizations that are created using this tool would be in the form of worksheets and dashboards. The software will help you with data blending, real-time analysis of data and data collaboration. You do not need to have programming skills to use this tool and is widely used in different areas of business, research and industries.

    The tool is classified into two different sections. These include:

    • Developer tools - These sets of tools help in the development of dashboard creation, charts, generation of reports, and visualization. The products that are categorized under this category include Tableau desktop and Tableau public.
    • Sharing tools - Tableau products are used for sharing visualization reports and dashboards. Various products that fall into this category include Tableau online, server and reader.


    Concepts That Will Help You Solve Tableau Homework & Assignments


    How to calculate the average in tableau?

    To calculate the average in Tableau, you can drag the desired field onto the rows or columns shelf, then right-click the field and select "Add Measure" > "Average." You can also use the "Quick Table Calculation" feature to compute the average for a selected field. Alternatively, you can use the AVG function in a calculated field to calculate the average of a set of values.

    How do I make multiple lines in Tableau?

    To create multiple lines in Tableau, you need to have a field that identifies the line categories, such as a date or a product. Then, you can drag that field to the Rows or Columns shelf and the measure you want to plot to the Columns or Rows shelf. Finally, you can add more dimensions or measures to create the desired view, and customize the appearance as needed.

    How to compare two values in tableau?

    To compare two values in Tableau, you can use a calculated field that uses logical operators to compare the two values. For example, to compare the sales for two different regions, you can create a calculated field that subtracts the sales for one region from the sales for another region, and then use this field to create a visualization. You can also use the Table Calculation feature in Tableau to compute the difference or percentage change between two values, which allows you to easily compare them. Another option is to use the Set feature to group the data by the two values you want to compare and then use a visualization to compare the groups.

    How do you find the date range in Tableau?

    To find the date range in Tableau, you can use the Date Range filter. First, drag the Date field to the Rows or Columns shelf and then right-click on it and select "Add to Filters". In the "Date Range" tab, select the "Range of Dates" option and then specify the desired date range. You can also use the "Relative Dates" option to quickly filter data by time periods such as last week, last month, etc.

    How to convert aggregate to non-aggregate in tableau?

    In Tableau, you can convert an aggregate measure to a non-aggregate measure by creating a calculated field. First, right-click the measure in the view and select "Create Calculated Field." Then, write a calculation that uses the ATTR function to return the non-aggregate value for each row in the view. Finally, replace the original measure in the view with the new calculated field.

    How do you find the percentage difference in tableau?

    To find the percentage difference between two measures in Tableau, you can use a table calculation called "Percent Difference From". Given below are the steps to do this.

    Drag both measures onto the view.
    Right-click on the second measure and select "Add Table Calculation".
    In the Calculation Type drop-down menu, select "Percent Difference From".
    In the Base Field drop-down menu, select the first measure.
    Choose the direction of the calculation (either "Table Across" or "Table Down").
    Click "OK" to apply the calculation.
    This will show the percentage difference between the two measures for each row or column in the view.

    Different Types of Tableau Products Used in Tableau Homework

    Our team of Tableau experts has extensive knowledge of the following tools to provide you with solutions based on the requirements given by your professors

    • Tableau Desktop - It has a lot of features that enable you to code and prepare customized reports. You can use this to create charts, and reports and blend both to show on the dashboard. It allows you to connect to data warehousing and different files. The dashboards and worksheets that are created can be easily shared publicly and locally. The desktop is also categorized into two types:
    • Tableau desktop personal - The development features available in this type of tool are similar to that of the Tableau desktop. However, whatever data you have analysed would be kept private in the worksheet and gives limited access. You cannot publish the workbooks. Thus, you can either distribute this offline or to the public.
    • Tableau desktop professional - It is also alike to the Tableau desktop. You can publish the workbook created online or on the server. The professional version will give you full access to different data types. It is best to be used by people who would like to publish the work to the server.
    • Tableau Public - It is affordable for users to use. In this type of version, you cannot save the workbooks locally but could be saved to the public cloud which everyone can view and access easily. The workbooks shared to the cloud can be viewed and accessed by all. It is ideal for people who want to learn this tool and who want to share the data with the public.
    • Tableau server - The software enables you to share workbooks and visuals that are created throughout the organization. If you want to share the dashboard with the server, it is important to publish that to the desktop. Once you upload to the server, the users who hold the license can access the data. However, anyone can install the server onto the machine, but they would need credentials to check reports using the browser. The security is high and is suitable to share data in the company. The admin has complete control over the server. All the hardware and software would be maintained by the company.
    • Tableau online - It is good for sharing data online. The functionalities of this category of Tableau would be alike to that of Tableau servers. The data you store on the server would be made available on the cloud so that you can access this anytime and from anywhere. The best thing is that there is no limit on the amount of data you store. You can create links to different data sources on the cloud.
    • Tableau reader - It is a free tool that allows you to view the workbook and visualizations you create on Tableau public or desktop. You can filter the data, but cannot modify it. There is no security offered since anyone who gets access to the workbook can view the data inside.

    Some of the popular topics in Tableau on which our assignment experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

     Tableau Reader  Data Analysis
     LOD Expressions  Quick Table Calculations
     Modelling data visualization  Multiple Visualisations
     Tableau Documentation  Data Connections & Data Sources
     Aiding inaccurate data analysis   Trends and Forecasting
     Server Administration  Formatting Visualisations
     Tableau's Order of Operations  Make small visualizations using Tableau
     Structure Data for Analysis  


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