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    Very good, prompt answer, discount for loyalty, completed my database homework before the deadline, and high calibre of work. Anyhow, many thanks for the support.

    5.0 Benjamin

    Very good, prompt answer, discount for loyalty, completed my database homework before the deadline, and high calibre of work. Anyhow, many thanks for the support.

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    I'm going to demand that you finish the remaining Database Homework. You did a wonderful job, even though I updated and added additional material. Cheers. 92%

    5.0 Edward

    I'm going to demand that you finish the remaining Database Homework. You did a wonderful job, even though I updated and added additional material. Cheers. 92%

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    I'm pleased with both the Database Homework solution and the offer I received from the service. They offer excellent writing and services.

    5.0 Judith

    I'm pleased with both the Database Homework solution and the offer I received from the service. They offer excellent writing and services.

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    Database Homework Help | Do My Database Homework

    Do you have to complete the database homework assigned by your professors, but are you already loaded with lots of other tasks? Then you can seek help for Database homework help from our programming homework experts. We have a specialized team of experts who have extensive knowledge of several different kinds of databases. Our experts can assist by delivering high-quality work at very affordable prices that will eventually help you to secure flying grades in the examination. Our experts hold huge expertise in completing any kind of database-related homework effectively. The most important thing that is taken care of by our team is the deadline which is strictly adhered to, so you can focus on the other priority tasks on your plate. 

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    What is a Database? Why do students study Database?

    A database is a collection of data that is saved on the system. The database allows you to store pictures to buy items online and thoroughly analyze the stock market. The database will let you store data in an organized manner, thus allowing you to search for the information you want. If you are struggling to understand the fundamentals of databases then The Programming Assignment Help is the best destination for you. Submit your requirements and get instant database homework help online.


    Various Elements of the Database

    Database elements contain tables, rows, columns and fields. These are what are used to build a database.

    • Table - A database table will have rows and columns and the data is stored in these rows and columns. For instance, you can store the profile of people such as ID, name, address and contact number in the table.
    • Rows - Rows will have one or multiple columns. It is easy for you to read the data in the column. You can read the profile ID, name, address and contact of a person in a single row.
    • Columns - Columns will have information related to the same field. The columns such as address, name and contact will only have the respective details.
    • Field - A field is a record that allows you to store data.


    Various Database Components

    The following are the components that a database will have:

    • Hardware - The hardware can be a physical device such as a computer, I/O device, storage device and so on. It will provide you with the interface between the system and real-world systems.
    • Software - It has a series of programs that allow you to manage and control the database with ease. It has database software, operating system and network software that allows you to share the data between users. The application programs will quickly access the data that is stored in the database.
    • Data - Data can be unorganized and processed to extract meaningful information. Data will be simple and unorganized. The data will have numbers, characters, symbols, images and data comprising facts.
    • Procedure - It has a set of instructions and rules that allow you to use the DBMS. It allows you to design and run the database with the help of documented methods. This in turn guides the users who operate as well as manage the data.
    • Database access language - It allows you to access the data from the database. You can also enter new data, update the existing information and retrieve the data you want from the DBMS. Users will write commands and submit those to the database.


    Types of Databases used in Programming Homework

    Popular databases that are used in the organizations include:

    • Distributed Database - A distributed database is a type of database that will have contributions from a common database and will store the information that is captured by the local computers. In this type of database, the data will not be in one place instead will be distributed between different organizations.
    • Relational Database - This database will define the database relationships and store the data in the table. It is known as relational DBMS, which is quite popular in the market. The best examples of RDBMS are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle
    • Object-oriented Database - This type of database will support storing all data types. It stores the data in object form. The objects in the database will have various methods and attributes that let you know what you can do with the data. The best example of an object-oriented database is PostgreSQL.
    • Centralized Database - It stores the data in a centralized location and users from different backgrounds can have quick access to this data. It allows the users to access the data remotely.
    • Open-source Database - It stores the data related to operations and is widely used in marketing, employee relations and customer services.
    • Cloud Database -  It is a database that is optimized to be used in the virtual environment. The best things about cloud databases are their storage capacity and bandwidth. You can also scale up the database based on availability.
    • Data Warehouse - Datawarehouse is an information system that will have both historical and communicative information gathered from single or multiple sources.
    • NoSQL Database - It is good to use for huge datasets of distributed data. Big data performance issues can be handled by these databases effectively. It is very efficient in analyzing and handling large-size unstructured data.


    Examples of Databases

    Following are the best examples of databases:

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle database
    • MySQL
    • IBM Db2
    • PostgreSQL

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    Why hire our database homework help?

    Some of the popular topics in the Database on which our Programming Homework Help experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

    Query optimization algorithms Logical databases
    SQL and QBE Web databases
    Database Designing SolarWinds  Performance Analyser
    E-R diagram DbVisualiser
    SQL and Application code ManageEngine Applications Manager
    Client-Server architecture Oracle RDBMS
    Relational Operations IBM DB2
    Normalization Microsoft SQL Server
    Crash recovery SAP Sybase ASE
    Normal forms  1NF, 2NF, and 3NF Teradata
    Transaction Processing Recovery ADABAS
    Object-relational databases  


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    Example of A Simple Database Code Written By Our Expert

    Code for: Computing and Mathematics Database Systems


    create table storeitem(
        storeId NUMBER(10),
        itemId NUMBER(10),
        totalStock NUMBER(10)
    create table store(
        storeId NUMBER(10),
        address varchar2(50),
        city varchar2(50),
        state varchar2(50),
        pincode NUMBER(10),
        contactNo NUMBER(10),
        CONSTRAINT store_pk PRIMARY KEY (storeId)  
    create table customer(
        customerId NUMBER(10),
        firstName varchar2(50),
        lastname varchar2(50),
        residence varchar2(50),
        deliveryAddress varchar2(50),
        email varchar2(50),
        contactNo varchar2(50),
        CONSTRAINT customer_pk PRIMARY KEY (customerId)
    create table employee(
        employeeId NUMBER(10) ,
        storeId NUMBER(10),
        firstName varchar2(50),
        lastName varchar2(50),
        dateOfJoining varchar2(50),
        contactNo NUMBER(10),
        address varchar2(50),
        email varchar2(50),
        designation varchar2(50),
        department varchar2(50),
        CONSTRAINT employee_pk PRIMARY KEY (employeeId)
    create table customerorder(
        customerId NUMBER(10),
        orderId NUMBER(10)
    create table item(
        itemId NUMBER(10),
        name varchar2(50),
        dimensions varchar2(50),
        price varchar2(50),
        weight varchar2(50),
        description varchar2(50),
        CONSTRAINT item_pk PRIMARY KEY (itemId)
    create table orders(
        orderId NUMBER(10),
        itemId NUMBER(10),
        totalCost varchar2(50),
        date varchar2(50),
        paymentMode varchar2(50),
        delivery varchar2(50),
        CONSTRAINT order_pk PRIMARY KEY (orderId)

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